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Find the forms and applications for all of the Trust Lands organizations. For assistance, please contact the specific business group or call our main office 801-538-5100.

Real Estate Planning & Development

Development Lease Revenue Report
Development Easement
Development Right of Entry

Energy & Minerals

Bond of Lessee
Bond of Permittee
Designation of Lease Operator
Geothermal Production Revenue Report
Material Permit Revenue Report
Material Permit (Sand & Gravel) Application
Mineral Lease Assignment (Form E-5)
Mineral Production and Revenue Report
Over-the-Counter Leasing: Metalliferous Minerals (Form C-5)
Rockhounding Permit Form
Current O&G Lease Form B-2.1.1 (12.5% Royalty Rate)
Current O&G Lease Form B-2.2.1 (16-2.3% Royalty Rate)
Oil & Gas Monthly Royalty Report (Excel document)
Solar & Wind Lease Application Form
Solar & Wind Supplemental Application Form


Assignment Of Instrument Corporate
Assignment Of Instrument Individual
Bond Form (Cash) for Surface Use
Bond Form (Surety) for Surface Use
Easement Application
Exchange Application
Grazing Permit – Assignment Form (to a corporation or partnership)
Grazing Permit – Assignment Form (to an individual)
Grazing Permit Application, Modified
Grazing Permit – Amendment
Grazing Permit – Collateral Assignment
Grazing Permit – Competitive Application
Grazing Range Improvement Application
Grazing – Application for Reduced or Non-Use
Grazing – Subleasing Application
Land Auction Bid Form
Land Auction Finders Fee (Broker Registration) Form
Lease of Trust Land – Supplemental Commercial Use Application
Lease of Trust Land – Supplemental Application
Lease of Trust Land Application
Revenue Report
Right of Entry Application


Archaeological Field Work Authorization Form
Assignment of Collateral (Non-Grazing)
Fee Schedule
GRAMA Request
Vendor Statement of Qualifications

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